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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

Residential Parking Permits

Apply for a Residential Parking Permit here

A Residential Parking Permit is required to park on certain streets during specific or very busy times in the City of New Orleans.

There are 17 RPP zones throughout New Orleans, click here for a map of the RPP zones. Residential Parking permits are valid for specific neighborhoods and for a specific duration of time. Click here for a Residential Parking Permit application, plus full information on fees and required documents.

To establish a Residential Parking Permit zone:

  1. A letter from the Neighborhood Association must be sent to:
    1300 Perdido Street Rm 2W89
    New Orleans, LA 70112

    This correspondence should verify the need of area residents for RPP in conjunction with the current Code of the City of New Orleans relative to Residential Parking.
  2. A meeting must be held with the Executive Board of the organization and representatives from the RPP office. At this meeting a review of the ordinance, the process and policies will be provided by RPP office.
  3. A public forum must be scheduled by the Neighborhood Association. Information on the place and date should be coordinated with the RPP office.
  4. The RPP office will publish a notice in the newspaper. Flyers will be provided to the Neighborhood Association for distribution to area residents.
  5. A full report must be prepared by members of the Neighborhood Association for presentation to the City Council. (The RPP office will advise the association which data must be included in this report.)
  6. The forum will be conducted by RPP staff and officers of the Neighborhood Association.
  7. A report of recommendations will be submitted to the City Council. This report will include parking survey data and other activities related to RPP in the specific neighborhood.
  8. The City Council will review the report and take appropriate action to approve or disapprove.
  9. If approved by the City Council, petitions from residents must be submitted to the RPP office. A majority of households on the block must sign the petition for that block to have RPP signs installed. Each side of the block is petitioned separately. If the block is 51% or more commercial, signs will not be installed on that block.
  10. Signs (with 2 hr. restrictions) will be installed block by block if the majority of residents on a block have signed the petition.
  11. Courtesy tickets will be issued for several days prior to enforcement


Frequently Asked Questions

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