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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

Enterprise Zone

This program provides for Louisiana Income and Franchise tax credits and state and/or local sales/use tax rebates to a business that hires at least 35% of new jobs from one of four targeted groups (resident of an enterprise zone, receive public assistance, unemployable by traditional standards or physically challenged). A company must hire at least 5 new employees or increase current workforce by 10%. A business is not required to be located in an EZ. A business does not have to invest money, only create additional jobs. These businesses are eligible for a local rebate of 2.5% (4% state rebate) or sales/use tax paid on equipment, machinery, and construction materials, in addition to rebates of state sales/use taxes.


Provides a one-time $2,500 credit per new job. Rebates 4% sales/use tax on materials, machinery, furniture or equipment. OR 1.5% Refundable Investment Tax Credit can be earned.


Must create a minimum number of permanent net new jobs at the EZ site and 35% of net new jobs must meet at least one of the following four certification requirements: 1. Residency, 2. Receiving some form of public assistance, 3. Lacking basic skills. A person below the 9th grade proficiency in reading, writing or math, 4. Physically challenged. These jobs must be created upon the start date of the project or of construction, and either: Increase current workforce by 10% (minimum of 1%) within the first 12 months. OR Create a minimum of five net new jobs within the first 24 months. These jobs must be filled by Louisiana residents - someone living in Louisiana at least 30 consecutive days prior to being hired. OR U.S. citizens that become domiciled in Louisiana within 60 days after employment. Note: Businesses involved with gaming, churches or residential are not eligible.

How to Apply

Login to FastLane on the Louisiana Economic Development website and fill out an Advance Notification form. The Advance Notification form must be filed before any hiring, purchasing or construction activity begins.


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