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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

About Us

The New Orleans Workforce Investment Board (NOWIB) was established under the guidance of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998. The Workforce Investment Board is a business-led organization, partnering with education, organized labor, higher education, the community, and government, to provide oversight to public workforce development programs. The New Orleans Workforce Investment Board has federal legislative authority to approve Workforce Investment Act – Title I spending and to measure the effectiveness of publicly funded workforce development programs in partnership with the Mayor of New Orleans. It convenes JOB1, a partnership of over thirty public and/or private workforce development agencies and organizations.

Early in its formation, NOWIB leadership determined that workforce education, training reform, and youth employment were critical elements to creating a skilled workforce in New Orleans. To that end, much of the Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development and NOWIB’s efforts have focused on building their capacity to serve adults and to connect youth to paid work and learning opportunities while developing effective business partnerships. NOWIB’s Youth Career Center has received recognition from the United States Department of Labor, the Louisiana Workforce Commission, and the United States General Accounting Office for its work in serving young people, particularly out-of-school youth.


Board Officers

  • Robert T. Spencer, Jr., WIB Chair
  • Dr. Margaret Montgomery-Richard, WIB Vice-Chair
  • Dr. Petrice Sams-Abiodun, WIB Secretary
  • Gregory Curtis, Youth Council Chair
  • Michael P. Palamone, By-laws and Policy Committee Chair
  • Thelma French, Strategic Planning Committee Chair
  • Michael Smith, Finance Committee Chair

Board Members

  • Charlene Bonck
  • Ernest Gethers
  • Robert “Tiger” Hammond
  • Kevin Joyce
  • Barry Kaufman
  • Dr. Leroy Kendrick
  • Henry A. King
  • Brian Lawlor
  • Carla Major
  • Rodrick T. Miller
  • Barbara Motley
  • Robert Packnett
  • Aimee Quirk
  • Howard L. Rodgers, III
  • Randy Savoie
  • Terry Scott
  • Cleveland Spears, III
  • Carmelo Turillo
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