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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

How do we engage?

The Mayor's Neighborhood Engagement Office conducts its work through three key engagement strategies: outreach, participation, and revitalization.

Neighborhood Outreach

Through our outreach strategy, the Mayor's Neighborhood Engagement Office focuses on facilitating information sharing between city government and neighborhoods. We utilize a mix of formal and informal methods. Informal methods include such strategies as using direct communication methods with leaders, facilitating one-on-one meetings between community leaders and administrators, participating in neighborhood-based meetings, helping government units create and coordinate community meetings, assisting neighborhoods secure government presence in neighborhood meetings, and more. Our formal methods include such strategies as facilitation of district-wide public meetings on city priorities, e-blasts, and structured programs, such as our new offerings in 2012, the Neighborhood Leaders Roundtable and Coffee on Your Corner.

Neighborhood Participation

Through our participation strategy, the Mayor's Neighborhood Engagement Office develops, educates about, and facilitates usage of existing and new public participation processes. We serve as technical advisers to both the community and City Hall. We develop public participation plans (NPPs) for governmental units that request it or that are city priorities. For example, our office developed a citywide framework for all future public participation processes, which is called the City of New Orleans Neighborhood Participation Plan (City NPP), and we are currently developing an NPP for the New Orleans Recreation Development Commission, as well as finalizing an NPP for the Capital Projects Department. After helping to install NPPs within government units, our office educates both government staff and neighborhood members about how to use the new processes. After a process is developed, our office plays a key role in ensuring that NPPs are implemented successfully, consistently, and that they are as intended by all.

Neighborhood Revitalization

Through our revitalization strategy, the mayor's Neighborhood Engagement Office goes one step beyond outreach. We work directly with neighborhood leaders in neighborhoods identified as priority by the City, such as the Choice Neighborhood Initiative areas and the Lower Ninth Ward Place-Based Development strategy area. Our goal in this work is to facilitate successful outcomes through intentional partnership development at the neighborhood level. This strategy is aligned with the White House Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative, which recommends strategic participation focus in priority areas identified by a city. Within this framework, we work hand-in-hand with neighborhood leaders to identify opportunities for a more partnership-driven approach to solution-finding.


Using a combination of the three strategies, we engage with both city government and neighborhoods.

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