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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

Resources for neighborhoods


Neighborhood or civic association

A neighborhood or civic association is a group of residents or property owners who advocate for or organize activities within a neighborhood. Associations can either be legally or loosely organized. A legally organized association has filed for official incorporation with various state agencies, and a loosely organized association is a group of resident leaders who work together but who have not filed with the requisite state entities. Typical roles for associations include the following:

  • Help identify challenges and concerns
  • Support change and improvement efforts
  • Help resolve conflicts
  • Provide volunteers for community initiatives
  • Represent the neighborhood as a whole to elected officials
  • Find resources to make the neighborhood a better place to live
  • Advocate for neighborhood interests (beautification, improvements, etc.)
  • Meet regularly
  • Organize security
  • Organize social activities
  • Share information with the residents of their neighborhood


Non-profit organization

A non-profit organization is a legally incorporated organization that has filed with the State and has applied for and received a charitable status designation from the Internal Revenue Service. Non-profit organizations are typically mission-driven and exist to pursue religious, educational or cultural purposes. These organizations also typically have professional staff who fundraise annually for the purposes of securing programming and operating resources that enable them to meet their mission. Some non-profit organizations elect to work in one specific neighborhood or geography, while others operate citywide. Some non-profit organizations, such as community development corporations, work specifically on housing issues, and as such, conduct a variety of homebuyer education programs and work to build or support the creation of affordable housing.

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