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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu


2014 Basketball Season

This season 1,406 boys and girls played on 87 teams at 34 playgrounds across the city.  There were 75 boys’ teams with 1,231 players and 12 girls’ teams with 175 players.  NORDC basketball, football and cheerleading programs are supported by Chevron, the New Orleans Pelicans and the New Orleans Saints, teaming up for NORDC.

Championships - Girls  click here for photos

Friday, March 7 at Lyons Rec Center
Sophomore ages 9-10: Cut-Off vs. Milne (champs)
Junior ages 11-12: Cut-Off vs. Milne (champs)
Senior ages 13-14:  Behrman vs. Milne (champs)

Championships - Boys   click here for photos

Saturday, March 8 at Lyons Rec Center
Freshman ages 7-8:  McCue (champs) vs. Cut-Off
Sophomore ages 9-10:   Willie Hall (champs) vs. McCue
Junior ages 11-12:  Willie Hall (champs) vs. Bunny Friend
Senior ages 13-14:  Taylor (champs) vs. Behrman

See photos here

2013 Basketball Season

This season, 1,092 kids played basketball at 28 NORDC playgrounds.

Championships - Girls

Sophomore ages 9-10: Cut-Off (champs) vs. Kenilworth 
Senior ages 13-14: Fisher (champs) vs. Milne

Championships - Boys

Freshmen:  McCue Eagles defeated Cut-Off Warriors
Sophomore:  Willie Hall Panthers defeated Harrell Rams
Junior:  Kenilworth Chiefs defeated Willie Hall Panthers
Senior:  Behrman Green Machine defeated Willie Hall Panthers

All participants received individual trophies. Half-time performances by NORDC All-Star Cheerleaders


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