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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu


2015 Basketball Schedules

BOYS playoff brackets and championship schedules as of 2-23-15
playoff bracket and championship schedules to come


Division Schedule
Girls Sophomore Girls Sophomore as of 1-7-15
Girls Junior Girls Junior as of 1-7-15

Girls Senior

Girls senior as of 1-28-15
Freshman North freshman north as of 1-23-15
Freshman South freshman south as of 1-28-15
Freshman East freshman east as of 1-7-15
Sophomore North sophomore north as of 1-7-15
Sophomore South sophomore south as of 1-28-15
Sophomore East sophomore east as of 1-7-15
Junior North junior north as of 1-7-15
Junior South junior South as of 1-7-15
Junior East junior east as of 1-7-15
Senior North senior north as of 1-28-15
Senior South senior south as of 1-7-15
Senior East senior east as of 1-14-15


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Last updated: 2/24/2015 5:06:04 PM

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