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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

Strategic Framework

After soliciting citizen input during the transition and in dozens of community meetings, the Landrieu Administration articulated a mission, vision, and values statement, as well as goals for six priority result areas--public safety, economic development, children and families, sustainable communities, open and effective government, and innovation—in 2010, shortly after coming to office.

In 2012, this strategic framework was further developed, by aligning services, programs, strategies, objectives, and goals to the City’s mission, values and vision. The revised framework also incorporates performance measures used to track progress towards goals. The strategic framework is used to foster the development of departmental operational plans, guide decision-making to attain goals and improve outcomes, and communicate to stakeholders. 

Components of the Strategic Framework

Mission, Values, and Vision


The City of New Orleans delivers excellent service to its citizens with courage, competence, and compassion.


Integrity, Excellence, Transparency, Teamwork, Responsiveness, Innovation, Diversity, and Inclusion


New Orleans is a model city. We are a unified city. We are a creative city.

Public Safety

Goal: Ensure the public's safety and serve our citizens with respect and dignity.

Objectives and Strategies

  • Rebuild confidence in public safety offices

  1. Reform NOPD policies and operations

  2. Employ proactive policing and positive community engagement

  3. Support oversight entities to promote transparency, accountability, and trust

  • Ensure safe and secure neighborhoods and reduce the murder rate

  1. Prevent illegal activity

  2. Intervene when conflicts occur to resolve them non-violently 

  3. Enforce the law with integrity

  4. Effectively and fairly administer justice

  5. Rehabilitate the incarcerated so that they do not recidivate

  6. Coordinate the criminal justice system

  • Prepare for, mitigate, and effectively respond to emergencies

  1. Respond to emergencies, including fire and medical, effectively

  2. Plan and prepare for disasters

Open and Effective Government

Goal: Ensure sound fiscal management and transparency, promote effective, customer-driven services and foster active citizen engagement in City government

Objectives and Strategies

  • Exercise effective management and accountability for the City's financial resources

  1. ​Effectively steward the City's financial resources

  2. Manage the City's information and analyze the City's performance data

  3. Manage vendor relationships and provide oversight of the City's contracts

  4. Responsibly support the City's capital assets

  • Attract, develop, and retain public servants throughout City government empowered to deliver high-quality customer service

  1. ​Cultivate a high-quality City workforce

  2. Provide fair and reasonable benefits to City employees and retirees

  • Facilitate the legal, administrative, and policy work of governmental bodies serving City residents

  1. ​Govern the City with integrity and accountability

  2. Defend the City's legal interests

  3. Promote civic engagement

  4. Facilitate, link and leverage resources with external organizations


Children and Families

Goal: Promote the health and well-being of youth and families by ensuring that quality educational, economic, health and recreational programming opportunities are available for all.

Objectives and Strategies

  • Improve health outcomes for City residents

  1. Improve access to healthcare for city residents (including access to mental health services)

  2. Provide public health services to City residents, including community health education and preventing the spread of communicable diseases

  • Support the development of strong and resilient youth and families, including children in schools

  1. Support increased student achievement and school success, including closing achievement gaps

  2. Encourage the development of strong and resilient families

  3. Support the social and emotional needs of youth

  • Provide high-quality cultural and recreational opportunities to City residents and visitors

  1. Support cultural institutions and experiences

  2. Provide recreational opportunities to residents

  • Facilitate the provision of effective human services to City residents

  1. Provide quality, secure housing to residents and reduce homelessness

  2. Ensure a safety net of needed services is available to all residents

  3. Ensure residents’ access to a variety of healthy nutritional options

  4. Honor the service of veterans and wounded warriors by recognizing their unique needs

Economic Development

Goal: Spur the growth of a diverse, inclusive economy that creates good-paying jobs and provides equal access to economic prosperity

Objectives and Strategies

  • Promote business growth and job creation

  1. Foster a business-friendly regulatory environment, including streamlining the permitting process

  2. Promote an environment of equal opportunity for a diverse supplier pool

  3. Aggressively seek to attract new business and retain existing businesses

  4. Provide support for world-class special events

  • Develop and train the local workforce, and connect residents with jobs

  1. Provide access to work opportunities to youth and other vulnerable populations

  2. Promote workforce development and skills training to meet employers’ needs

  3. Link employers to the local workforce

Sustainable Communities

Goal: Support sustainable communities that integrate quality housing, transportation, schools, commercial development, energy efficiency, parks and green space, flood protection and cultural assets.

Objectives and Strategies

  • Maintain and improve public infrastructure

  1. Maintain and improve road surface infrastructure

  2. Consistently implement Complete Streets philosophy in streets investments

  3. Effectively administer the City’s capital improvements program

  4. Optimize the City’s subsurface drainage infrastructure to ensure resilient neighborhoods

  • Promote quality neighborhoods
  1. Reduce blighted properties by 10,000 by the end of 2014

  2. Provide effective sanitation services to residents and businesses

  3. Protect and preserve parks and other green spaces

  4. Regulate land use to support safe, vibrant neighborhoods and preserve historic properties

  • Promote energy efficiency and environmental sustainability

  1. Restore the City’s marshes and coastline

  2. Promote green energy and other sustainability measures

  3. Remediate brownfields, lead, and other environmental hazards


Goal: Develop and implement innovative programs that transform the City, inprove City services and promote efficiency

Objectives and Strategies

  • Implement projects that enable the achievement of citywide outcomes and that provide long-term value

  1. Implement projects that improve stewardship of the City's financial assets

  2. Implement projects that improve relationships with the City's customers

  3. Implement projects that cultivate a high-quality workforce

  4. Implement projects that integrate the City's financial information

  5. Implement projects that improve the quality of the City's technology investments

  6. Implement projects that improve the selection and oversight of vendors

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