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Impacts from winter weather are causing low water pressure. A boil water advisory is in effect for the East Bank of New Orleans.

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Windshields, Windows & Tint


  • Drivers side windows must properly function as designed. Laminated driver and passenger side windows cannot have cracks that obscure the drivers view.
  • The windshield, rear glass and all windows must be present with no obstructions and in working order as originally equipped.

Windshield wipers

  • Windshield Wipers - Metal parts and blades shall not be missing or damaged. Blades shall not show signs of physical breakdown of rubber wiping element. Rubber blades shall not be damaged, torn or hardened to the point that they do not clear the windshield.
  • Windshield Washers - The windshield washing system upon a vehicle that is not more than six years old from the date of manufacture or assembly shall be maintained in good working order.


  • Windshields – No cracks longer than 8” will be allowed on any part of the windshield. If a windshield is cracked in such a way as to jeopardize the integrity of the windshield, the vehicle will not pass inspection.
    • Acute Area (directly in the driver’s line of vision) - cannot have any cracks and no more than 2 stars, nicks, chips, bull's-eyes, or half-moons in excess of 1/2".
    • Critical Area (area other than the acute area which is cleaned by the normal sweep of the windshield wiper blades on the driver’s side only) - cannot have any star larger than 2" in diameter, 2 or more stars larger than 1 1/2" in diameter, or 1 or more cracks which extend more than 8".
    • Non-Critical Area This area consists of all other windshield area other than the acute or critical area. This area cannot have 1 or more cracks which extend more than 8 inches, 1 or more cracks which extend from top to bottom, 1 or more cracks which extend from right to left or one or more cracks which extend all the way across the windshield.

Replacement Windshields

If your sticker is damaged or removed due to replacing a windshield, the previous inspection is voided and you will have to pay for a new inspection, even if there is time left before the sticker on the original windshield expires.

In order to avoid paying an extra "no tag" fee, we highly suggest taking a picture (front and back) of your inspection sticker before the windshield is replaced or keeping the remnants of the tag after it is removed. If you weren't able to do this, you may contact us to request a vehicle inspection record.

Note: Inspection stickers are designed to disintegrate when removed and, therefore, cannot be transferred to another vehicle or windshield.


All windows with tint will be inspected with a tint meter. Only smoke tint shall be allowed. Tint cannot be mirror, red or amber. Sunscreen may only have a maximum light reflectance of 20%.

  • Windshield – Windshields are allowed to have sunscreen extend down from the topmost portion of the windshield no more than 5 inches. The sunscreen shall be transparent and not red or amber in color.
  • Front side windows - must have at least 40% light transmission
  • Side windows behind driver - must have at least 25% light transmission
  • Rear windows - must have at least 12% light transmission

Sunscreen regulations do not apply to windows behind the driver of trucks, SUV’s, buses, trailers, motor homes, multi-purpose passenger vehicles and all windows of vehicles used for law enforcement purposes.

Vehicles with aftermarket tint must display a label affixed to the lower right corner of the driver’s side window. It must not exceed 1 1/2 inches square in size. It must be installed between the glass and the sunscreen material and must contain the name and city of the installer.

Exceptions to S​unscreen Rule

A person with a medical condition which makes that individual sensitive to sun exposure may obtain a Window Tint Medical Exemption Affidavit. The affidavit must be completed by a licensed physician, notarized, and must be signed by a Louisiana State police officer. The affidavit exempts the vehicle identified on the form from all restrictions except windshields as provided in R.S. 32:361.1.

Any of the following persons or entities may obtain a Security Tint Exemption Affidavit.  This affidavit must be completely filled out, notarized, and signed by a Louisiana State police officer.

The following exclusive list of persons, or entities, shall be eligible for a security exemption from the provisions of R.S. 32:361.1.

  • Private investigators
  • Bail enforcement agents
  • Railroad police officers
  • Louisiana peace officers, POST-certified and sworn;
  • Elected or appointed public officials.
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Last updated: 8/8/2017 3:30:51 PM

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