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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

Master Plan Amendments

Mater Plan Amendment Reconsideration Information

For information regarding the reconsideration of certain Master Plan text amendments, please refer to the CPC's Master Plan Reconsideration page, here.   

Master Plan Amendment Staff Reports

The City Planning Commission's Master Plan Amendment final staff reports can be found at the Master Plan Amendment Staff Reports page, here.

Planning District Meeting Information

To download the Planning District meeting schedule and announcement, please click here.


Master Plan Amendment Process

The Home Rule Charter, Section 5-404, requires a review of the Master Plan “at least once every five years, but not more than once per calendar year, and at any time in response to a disaster or other declared emergency, the Commission shall review the Master Plan and shall determine, after one or more public hearings whether the plan requires amendment or comprehensive revision. If amendment or comprehensive revision is required, the Commission shall prepare and recommend amendments or comprehensive revisions and readopt the plan.” The Charter requires at least one public meeting for each planning district affected by amendments as well as one formal public hearing.

On October 27, 2015, The City Planning Commission confirmed the need for amendments to the Master Plan. Though the Master Plan is designed to take New Orleans through the year 2030, it is heavily focused on recovery from the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent failures of the levee systems.  While disaster recovery was the immediate priority, the need to plan for the city’s long-term future is also necessary. Since the adoption of the Master Plan in 2010, the City has worked with numerous partners on initiatives recommending how New Orleans should adapt to a changing natural environment, create flexible and reliable systems, invest in economic development, and prepare the city for future disasters. These and other initiatives have been considered for incorporation into the Master Plan.

The following schedule is set for the 2016-2017 Master Plan amendments:

  • Organization/Outreach (1/1/16 – 4/24/16)
  • Open Application Period (4/25/16 – 8/31/16)
  • Charter-mandated review and approval process (9/1/16 – 7/15/17)

Some additional information is provided below:

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