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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

Restoration Tax Abatement (RTA)


The Restoration Tax Abatement (RTA) Program provides to commercial property owners and homeowners who expand, restore, improve, or develop an existing structure in a downtown development district, economic development district, or historic district the right to pay ad valorem taxes based on the assessed valuation of the property for the year prior to the commencement of the project for five years after completion of the work.

Local Submission Requirements

  • Affidavit
  • Description of Restoration
  • Investment Total
  • Before & After Appraisals
  • Pro Forma (income producing projects)
  • Additional Tax Breaks
  • Project Owners: A complete list of all principals in the project.
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis (sales tax revenue generated projects)
  • Eligibility Certification Form
  • Jobs Created
  • Tax Status
  • Sales Tax Revenue
  • Building Permit Job Value Verification
  • Proof of DBE Participation
  • Hire NOLA/Living Wage Requirements
  • Photos

Click here for the initial application checklist. The renewal checklist can be found here, and a transfer checklist can be found here.


Log in to FastLane on the Louisiana Economic Development website, and fill out an Advance Notification form and Application. The form should be filed prior to construction. Failure to do so may result in ineligibility of this tax exemption. More information about the program can be found here

NOTE: A tax abatement is not available if property taxes have been paid on the improvements made by the project.  In order to maintain compliance, the City of New Orleans advises those pursuant of this incentive to “pay under protest” the portion of the taxes subject to abatement (the improvements) upon approval of the RTA to avoid any penalties, interest and/or tax sale (R.S. 47:1998) and the amount not being abated to be paid against the account.  Paying under protest shows a good faith effort by the applicant and keeps the tax account current.  If approved, the RTA is applied to the tax rolls and a refund is granted to the applicant for the subject years based on reassessments. 

RTA Meeting Schedule

The RTA meeting schedule for 2018 schedule can be found here.

Contact program manager,Tracey Jackson, at (504) 658-4955 with questions.

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