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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

Hurricane Season Basics

When Do I Evacuate?

Major Hurricane:

The Mayor may declare a mandatory evacuation. Everyone must leave the city. Plean early and leave with family, friends or neighbors. City officials will tell you when it is safe to come back.

City Assisted Evacuation:

If you don't have a way to leave New Orleans during a mandatory evacuation, you can go to an Evacuspot.   Buses will take you from Evacuspots to a shelter. Click to view a map of the City's evacuspots and sign up for city-assisted evacuation, or call 311 to find your nearest Evacuspot.

Tropical Storm or Minor Hurricane:

The Mayor might NOT declare a mandatory evacuation. You have two ways to stay safe:

1. Leave the city with family, friends, or neighbors.

2. Stay inside your house until City officials tell you it is safe to go outside. Close your doors and windows. This is called sheltering in place.

Sign-Up For Special Needs Registry

If you cannot walk or have medical special needs, sign up for the Special Needs Registry online or by calling 311.

Listen to or Watch the News and Get Emergency Alerts

Stay informed throughout the season by keeping up with alerts from news and weather experts and sign up for the NOLA Ready Emergency Alert System which provides accurate, immediate emergency notifications from the city of New Orleans to your cell, work or home phone via text, voice or email message.

Don't get caught unprepared. Visit NOLA Ready for more tips to keep your family safe.

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