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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

Breastfeeding: Strengthening the Heart of the Community and Reclaiming an African American Tradition

Healthy Start New Orleans carried out a Photovoice project in partnership with Ashé Cultural Arts Center in spring and summer 2016. Photovoice combines photography and storytelling with advocacy and social action.  Participants are asked to photograph scenes that reflect their communities and experiences with breastfeeding in New Orleans and to create a narrative surrounding each photo using poetry and spoken word. The mothers in the program created the beautiful poetry pieces below. The full exhibit will be on display at Ashé Cultural Arts Center, from July 28 – September 2, 2016.

My Baby Moves

By: Cynthia Matthews-Prater

Bump, bump, flip
Flip, taking a deep
Breath, a silent scream,
Then I smile
Knowing my baby is

In the Mirror

By: Cynthia Matthews-Prater

When I see myself see beauty, strength,
and a Queen!
God is my love grace!


By: April N. Brown 

You woke, and I smiled
I cherish your every move
You sleep, and I pray


Baby. Child. Manhood

By: April N. Brown

Baby. Child. Manhood
Baby cries and laughs  aloud
Boy plays not knowing what’s next
Men wish they were boys



By: CFreedom 

When you were younger
I used to feed you breast milk
I am your mama


Golden Milk

By: Briceshanay  Gresham 

As you grow I flow
With the Golden Mommy Milk
Eat until you’re full


To children, Child or Nursing

By: Nandi Lewis  

Flowing, freely, me
Inspired, nourishing, We
Six and mommy be
~~Our Journey Begins…


Side A

By: Anonymous

Kick feet
Blow bubbles (raspberries)


Side A (2)

By: Anonymous



Side A (3)

By: Anonymous

To be grounded
To be himself


My Jada is Here Now

By: Monica Montgomery Discua

My Jada is here now
I see the world through her eyes
Strong woman I see you


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