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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu


NOLA FOR LIFE, the Mayor's comprehensive murder reduction strategy, is a comprehensive, holistic approach to violence reduction that seeks to address the problem of murder on a variety of different levels.

The five key components of NOLA FOR LIFE are:

  1. Stop the Shootings
  2. Invest in Prevention
  3. Promote Jobs and Opportunity
  4. Get Involved and Rebuild Neighborhoods
  5. Improve the NOPD

The Health Department is taking the lead on several initiatives that are part of the NOLA FOR LIFE plan. For more information on NOLA FOR LIFE and how you can get involved, visit

Group Violence Reduction Strategy

This strategy is based on the belief that violent crime can be prevented when the costs of committing the crime are perceived by the offender to outweigh the benefits. It targets known chronic, violent adult and juvenile offenders.  The Health Department works to organize and build the capacity of social service providers, clergy and probation and parole officers so they can provide support and services to those who no longer wish to engage in violent lifestyles.

Trauma Response in Schools

In 2012, the City of New Orleans worked with New Orleans’ schools to create a process that links schools with counseling and victim assistance resources following a student-involved homicide. In addition, the City of New Orleans has helped schools develop their own crisis/trauma response plans and in collaboration with community partners, co-sponsored trainings in evidence-based practices in trauma response, social and emotional wellness, and violence prevention. Furthermore, the City engaged school personnel such as social workers and nurses to increase awareness of available community-based mental health services. To further enhance the capacity of schools to address trauma through both referrals and intervention at the school site, the City of New Orleans will build upon current efforts to help more schools form community partnerships.

More information about how school community response helps young people

Connecting High Need Students to the Coordinated System of Care

In order to prevent violence, there is a need to build the capacity of parents and guardians to support at-risk youth while simultaneously linking at-risk youth with wraparound case management, living skills interventions and vital behavioral health services. The City of New Orleans will partner with the Louisiana Coordinated System of Care (CSoC) and schools to increase the number of students who have risk factors for violence and out-of-home placement who are referred, assessed and ultimately enrolled in the CSoC program. Through an intensive outreach project that provides a direct connection between CSoC staff and schools, schools will be better equipped to identify students at risk for violence who may qualify for the program, understand the CSoC enrollment process and refer these students into the CSoC program.

More information about Louisiana's Coordinated System of Care.

Family Violence Prevention Strategy

The Health Department seeks to identify and prevent domestic violence through additional screening of people receiving support from city programs or other service providers. This process is being implemented in the City's Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC), which specifically focuses on infant and maternal health. It is the goal of the Health Department to develop a long-term strategy to address family and community-centered trauma and violence, which will include teaching methods to both resolve intra-family conflict and to impart coping skills and resilience.

More information about family violence.

National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention

The National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention is a network of communities and federal agencies that work together, share information, and build local capacity to prevent and reduce youth violence.  Supported by the Forum, the City of New Orleans developed the NOLA FOR LIFE PLAYbook: Promoting Life for all Youth, which is a strategic plan to prevent youth violence in New Orleans. The PLAYbook is designed to improve youth safety by addressing risk and protective factors for youth violence and coordinating resources for youth.

More information about the National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention

Realtime Resources Mobile Application

The goal of the Realtime Resources Mobile Application is to coordinate social services and enhance access to essential services for the NOLA FOR LIFE target population by creating and maintaining a mobile application (an "app") and web-based resource with up-to-date, detailed listings of all social and community-based services available to residents of New Orleans.

Coordinate and Strengthen the Behavioral Health System

Behavioral health, including mental health and substance abuse services, is an essential component of public health and violence prevention. In the fall of 2012, the City of New Orleans released a strategic framework to establish a community-wide agenda for behavioral health services in New Orleans. As a part of that framework the Mayor convened a Behavioral Health Council, which in partnership with the Metropolitan Human Services District brings together providers, advocates, and consumers to address coordination of behavioral health care in New Orleans.

More information about the Behavioral Health Council

For more information on the Health Department's work in behavioral health, see the Behavioral Health page.

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