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Winter Weather, Jan. 12-18

The National Weather Service forecasts freezing temperatures in the New Orleans area beginning Friday, Jan. 12 through Thursday, Jan. 18. A mix of very light wintry precipitation is possible in the evening of Tuesday, Jan. 16, but no accumulation is anticipated. Residents and visitors are advised to take precautions during winter weather.

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The City of New Orleans

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Facts About Mosquitoes

Natural Habitats

Mosquito are found in a wife range of aquatic habitats. A good rule to follow is that “wherever you find water, there is some species  of mosquito that will breed there.” Swamps and marshes offer breeding sites for permanent water mosquitoes as well as vegetation for protection from predators. In shallower parts of the swamp, floodwater mosquitoes may breed in great abundance. 

Man-Made Habitats

Bad drainage makes good mosquito breeding sites.Anything that can store standing water, flower pots, trash cans, tires, unmaintained pools, ditches,etc. can breed mosquitos.

Mosquito Life Cycle

Mosquitoes are laid as eggs which hatch into larvae (wigglers), develop into pupae (tumblers) and emerge as adults. Mosquito life cycles are swift, and can complete within 7 days. Their rapid life cycle makes it important to evaluate outdoor areas on a weekly basis, in order to reduce places where new cycles of mosquitos can breed.  

Mosquito Bites

Avoid mosquito bites by limiting outdoor activities between dusk and dawn, use Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) approved repellants and dress in light, loose-fitting clothing. View additional information about repellant recommendations and application guidelines

Mosquito-Borne Diseases

The most common disease born by mosquitos is West Nile Virus.

Zika virus   

DHHS Zika Blog

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