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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

Civic Leadership Academy


This was clearly a very informative and enlightening experience, learning about the city and our government, an experience that will never be forgotten. The privilege of meeting our very busy and hard-working City personnel was most rewarding, along with meeting new friends in other neighborhoods in the City. I would recommend this class to anyone. 

Alva Edward, Delassize Neighborhood Association

Prior to enrolling in Civic Leadership Academy I was unsure about the functions of City government; but my experience has taught me that every one of the departments we met with does an invaluable job for the city, and it was such a privilege to meet the people who make it possible.

Michael Walker, Hollygrove Dixon Neighborhood

CLA was a wonderful opportunity and quite educational. I now have the tools to proactively rebuild my community. Thanks to the my experience in the cohort I believe enough in myself as a civic leader and that I am capable of making effective change for my neighborhood.

Lisa Domino, New Orleans East Neighborhood

About the Program


Civic Leadership Academy (CLA) is an engaging 8 week program that provides residents with an in-depth look at City government. The program includes tours, hands-on demonstrations and presentations that give participants an insider view of how the City of New Orleans operates. With this knowledge, participants will be better equipped to lead collective action towards the advancement of neighborhoods and residents’ quality of life. Apply to participate below. 


  • Build capacity of leaders to become effective neighborhood advocates
  • Construct a source of leadership from communities
  • Encourage collaboration and partnership between a wide range of community organizations


The Spring 2018 cohort will meet every Wednesday, 6:00pm to 8:00pm from March 7th through April 25th at City Hall in the Homeland Security Conference Room (8E10).


(Tentative course schedule)

Week 1: The Organization and Vision of New Orleans City Government
Week 2: Dollars and Sense: Financing NOLA's Needs
Week 3: Developing and Revitalizing Our Communities
Week 4: Planning for Tomorrow
Week 5: The Mechanics of City Services
Week 6: Policing and Crime Reduction
Week 7: Emergency Preparedness and Response
Week 8: Graduation and Looking Ahead

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Civic Leadership Academy?

The Civic Leadership Academy is a free program that gives residents the opportunity to educate themselves about City government so that they can improve their communities. It provides an in-depth look at local government as well as opportunities for residents to interact with City staff and elected officials.  CLA is composed of eight interactive sessions, led by representatives from City departments.

Who can participate in Civic Leadership Academy?

Individuals who live in New Orleans, are at least 18 years old, and who are actively involved in a neighborhood or business association can participate.

Why was Civic Leadership Academy created?

CLA was created to help make City functions more transparent and accessible to New Orleans residents and to provide information and insight about the City so that residents can become informed, effective, and inspired community leaders. The program was designed to foster collaboration and partnership between a wide range of community organizations. 

How will participants be selected?

Up to 35 applicants will be selected for the Academy. Special consideration will be given to applicants who actively participate in City initiatives and who are already leading community revitalization efforts in their neighborhood.  

What is the cost of participation?

There is no fee to participate in Civic Leadership Academy, but the Academy does require a substantial time commitment for participants. Participants are strongly urged to attend all eight sessions. 

Why should I participate in Civic Leadership Academy?

You will learn about City’s government, how it works, and how it impacts your neighborhood! Civic Leadership Academy is a great opportunity to meet other active New Orleans residents, City staff and elected officials. Plus, you will learn about opportunities to become more involved in local government.

Apply to Participate

Thank you for your interest. The Spring cohort of Civic Leadership Academy has reached capacity.

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