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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

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NOPD Community Anti-Crime Walks **CANCELLED**

June 25, 2014

REMINDER TODAY!!!...June 25, 2014, at 6:00 p.m., each district will conduct a Community Crime Walk in a targeted zone/neighborhood in their district. The goal of this operation is to have all eight district conducting community crime walks simultaneously.

The following neighborhoods/zones will be targeted and citizen group(s) in the area has been invited to participate.

First District:  Start…..D’Hemecourt/S. Pierce… down D’Hemecourt to S. Cortez (2 blocks), turn right on S. Cortez, down S. Cortez to Ulloa (1 block), turn right on Ulloa, down Ulloa to S. Scott (1 block), turn right on S. Scott, down S. Scott to Banks (3 blocks), turn left on Banks, down Banks to S. Pierce (1 block), turn left on S. Pierce, down S. Pierce to Ulloa (3 blocks)……End….total of 11 blocks

Second District: Second District Anti -Crime Walk Starting and Ending at Edinburgh and Eagle St. (St. Peter Methodist Church) On Eagle to Oleander St., On Oleander to Gen. Ogden St., On Gen Ogden to Olive St., On Olive to Hamilton St., On Hamilton to Palm St., On Palm to Hollygrove St., On Hollygrove to Edinburgh St., On Edinburgh to Eagle St. End of walk. Total Distance is less than 1 mile.

Third District:  Start: Pratt Park (Pratt Dr @ Pressburg)

South on Pratt to Filmore.
Right on Filmore to Charlotte.
Right on Charlotte to Mendez.
Left on Mendez to Chatham.
Right on Chatham back to Pratt Park.
End: Pratt Park

Fourth District: The Fourth District’s anti-crime walk will take place on June 25, 2014.  The crime walk will be hosted by the Tunnisberg Neighborhood Association.  The walk will begin at the new St. Joseph Fellowship Hall at 3210 Diana St. at 6:00pm.  We will proceed in a westerly direction to Odeon St.  We will turn left onto Odeon St and walk towards Lamarque St.   Once on Lamarque St. we will proceed to Horace St., take a right on Horace St., and continue walking, crossing Gen. Meyer Ave. until we reach Bringier St. We will turn right onto Bringier St. and walk until we return to Odeon St. We will turn right onto Odeon St., ending the walk at the intersection of Odeon and Diana Sts.

Fifth District: The 5th District Anti-Crime walk will be held in the St. Roch neighborhood We will start at Mandeville and North Derbigny, eastbound on Derbigny to St. Roch, lakebound on St. Roch to North Miro, uptown on North Miro to Marigny then riverbound to North Derbigny and then back to Mandeville and disband   

Sixth District: The 6th district and members of the 6th district community will be holding a Anti-Crime walk. The walk will start at the location of Foucher and South Saratoga. The walk will go up Foucher to Dryades, then a left on Dryades to Milan, from Milan and Dryades to Milan and South Saratoga Street. From South Saratoga and Milan to Foucher and South Saratoga.  

Seventh District:  NOPD 7TH District has partnered with the residents of Georgetown Apartments, located at 6300 Bridgehampton,(crosses the 6200 blk of Morrison Rd.) for this month’s Crime Walk.  Officers from the 7th District will meet Mr. Bruce Fritz and members of his community on Wednesday. June 25th, 2014, at 5:45pm. The start/meeting  location will be at the front of the apartment entrance, just inside the gate.  The route will be throughout the apartment complex.

Eighth District: We will begin at Elysian Fields and Dauphine, proceed on Dauphine to Mandeville, to North Rampart, to St. Roch to Burgundy, ending at Burgundy and Elysian Fields.


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