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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu


General Work Permit (Vieux Carré Commission)

Building/Construction, Event/Film
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A General Work permit application is required before any work may commence for repairs, alterations and construction that affect the exterior (whether visible from the street or not) of any building situated on private property in the French Quarter. Applicants often need additional permits that are issued by Safety and Permits or the City's Department of Public Works. The area of the VCC’s jurisdiction is bounded by Iberville St., N. Rampart St., Esplanade Ave., and the Mississippi River.

Before any exterior work can be undertaken on any property located within the Vieux Carré Historic District, the property owner, owner’s representative, lessee, architect or contractor must first make application to the Vieux Carré Commission (VCC), specifying the anticipated work and the present and proposed use and/or treatment of the property before obtaining a permit from the Commission. Applications for permits fall into four basic categories: general work, painting, signage, and banners (temporary), and based upon the nature of most work applications, it is expected that support materials, as specified in the VCC Design Guidelines, will be needed to fully explain whatever work is proposed.


Scanned materials provided by the applicant will be required in order to process an application. Without them, the application will be returned to the applicant until all required materials are submitted as well. VCC staff will NOT scan documents for any proposal or applicant. NO EXCEPTIONS.


  • VCC permit fees are incorporated into fees charged by Safety and Permits

Required documents/steps

Effective July 1st 2012, all submittals for any proposal to be reviewed by either the Architecture Committee of the VCC MUST be submitted digitally. Additionally, applicants are required to submit three copies of the physical documents. Please click here for the full explanation of a proper submission.

In addition to an accurately completed BUILDING_PERMIT_MASTER_APPLICATION, the following should be submitted in person or started online here

  • Documents prepared in an architectural style of presentation, sized on full-size pages measuring 24” x 36” or half size, 11” x 17”; either are acceptable
  • Bordered drawings bearing a title block containing the project name, location, name of designer/architects date and date of revision(s)
  • Application/drawings/documents clearly indicating owner of property, beneficial applicant, and the applicant if different from the owner and beneficial applicant
  • Dimensioned site plan, survey or block plats to accurately indicate property size
  • Cause for application especially if related to deficiencies or variances required (i.e. building code, ADA, NFPA regulations, etc.)
  • Separate drawings, indicating existing conditions and proposed changes, shall:
  1. be drawn to scale and with a graphic scale indicated on each; 
  2. contain a site & roof plan showing vents, skylights, mechanical equipment, etc.;
  3. contain floor plans of sufficient detail;
  4. show façade and elevation(s) wherever any change is proposed along with adjacent structures to each side;
  5. show through-building sections to interpret design intent;
  6. show all special details;
  7. show exterior lighting;
  8. show signs; and
  9. all structural drawings shall be stamped by an engineer licensed in the State of Louisiana.

Additional support materials should include further documents to augment that required above, such as photographs, catalog cut-sheets, or material samples.

All aspects of work indicating any electrical or mechanical changes should be noted, including but not limited to internal venting and exhaust systems. Furthermore, all exterior lighting details, signage specifications, and/or security provisions should be delineated.

*Please note that due to the public review process and in order to provide the Commission with complete materials for a thorough understanding of any proposal, the staff will schedule the subject property application for a hearing only after all the necessary materials have been provided. ALL initial applications must be received by the VCC office two (2) weeks prior to the date of the meeting at which the proposal is to be considered

Issuing agency

Vieux Carré Commission

You may also need

  • In most instances, applicants to the VCC will also need other permit(s)/license(s). Please click here for our building and repair guidelines. Having a permit from the VCC doesn't automatically ensure you are cleared to begin work on your project. If you have questions, please call or visit the One Stop Shop (City Hall, 1300 Perdido St., 7th floor) 504-658-7100 to see if you need a building permit for the work proposed or begin the application online here and you'll be routed to the appropriate agency.
  • VCC meetings schedule

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