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The City of New Orleans

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Help with One Stop App

Monitoring and updating permits

I made a mistake on my application - how can I fix that?

If the status of your application still says "Draft Application" you can click the link that says "Edit" directly under your permit or license title on the Your Items page.

If you have already submitted your application, you will not be able to edit it online. This is to ensure that the application isn't changing while it's under review without the knowledge of the division reviewing it.

To make changes or withdraw a permit application, please call (504) 658-7100 and select the appropriate division (e.g. Building, Mechanical, Electrical). If you need to change or withdraw an occupational license application, select Zoning.

Someone else filed my permit application - how can I view it?

You can view a permit application at any time, whether you are logged into the One Stop App or not. At the top of the page, there is a search text box that says "Search a number, name or address". You can search by:

  • Permit number
  • Reference code (a six-character letter and number code)
  • Street address
  • Applicant or contractor name

See our Searching help topics for more information.


How can I check progress on my reviews and inspections?

Click "Print Summary" link beneath your permit address when you are viewing it in Your Items or in search results. Print Summary opens a printable web page that includes the current status of your permit, any review comments that have been made, and results of any inspections that have occurred. You should also receive an email or Plan Review Letter with all your application review comments, but you can preview the same comments at that link.

Can I pay for my permit if I wasn't the one who applied for it?

Yes, you can pay for any permit as long as it is:

  1. Ready to be paid for, and
  2. You are logged in to the One Stop App. You may need to register first if you don't already have a One Stop App account.

You will be able to download your permit or license pdf on completion of the payment.

Read more about making payments online.

Can I add documents after my application is submitted?

If you were the original web applicant, and you are logged in with the same web account you used to file the application, you can still add documents to your application (although you cannot change any of the text fields). Documents can be added by the original web applicant up until the permit has been approved. Nothing can be added after approval or issuance.

If those conditions are true, you can add documents by navigating to your permit application in the "Your Items" page and clicking the "View" link directly below the permit address on the application you would like to update. "View" will take you back to the original web form - all of the text fields will be grayed out (i.e. not editable), but you can still scroll down to the "Submit a General Document" section and follow the directions there.

Please note, that you cannot upload more than 25 mb of documents at one time. If you have one file greater than 25 mb you will either need to break it up into smaller files, or contact your reviewer to arrange delivery. If you have multiple files that total more than 25 mb together, you must upload them in batches smaller than 25 mb at one time.

Where is the link to upload more documents after I submit my application?

If you are logged in to the same web account you used to submit your permit application online, you can use the View link directly below your permit address in Your Items:


The View link will reopen the application web form, and you can scroll down to the Document Submittal section and upload one or more documents. You will not be able to edit any of the text fields in the web form, you will only be able to add documents. Only the web user who created the application can add documents to it. If you didn't apply online, or if you're not the original applicant and your application reviewer has requested additional documents, please send them to the email address that your reviewer has provided in the review comments. If your reviewer did not include any contact information, please contact Warren Jones, Chief Building Plans Examiner, at

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Last updated: 10/27/2017 4:23:45 PM

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