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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

Safety and Permits

Welcome to the Department of Safety and Permits. This office is responsible for:

  • Administering and enforcing standards for the construction and use of buildings and property.
  • Promoting and protecting the public's interest and safety to life and property.
  • Enforcing the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinances (CZO) to protect the quality of our neighborhoods.
  • Enforcing City Code provisions relative to the regulation of Taxi Cabs and Motor Vehicle inspections (brake tags).

NOTICE: Promulgation of Administrative Rules and Regulations:

Pursuant to Section 2-1000 of the City Code, the Department of Safety and Permits will be conducting Public Hearings regarding the following administrative rules:

2/7/17 Tornado-Related Information

When a property is damaged by a natural disaster, we are required to assess damage.  Our inspection determines if the amount of harm to the structure exceeds 50% of the pre-disaster value of the structure.

If your damage assessment is greater than 50%, the City will need additional information to verify that the structure complies with flood elevation regulations. See more...

Information for Mechanical Contractors:

Adoption of new codes by the LSUCCC has necessitated substantive and operational changes. The most significant substantive changes for mechanical and fuel gas permits are available under the policies and guidelines section of this site. 

Additionally, operational changes will be implemented on May 1, 2015. These changes will include separation of City of New Orleans Mechanical Permit Applications into the following 3 sub-types:

  1. HVAC Permit Applications (requires a Class A City of New Orleans Mechanical A/C license to apply)
  2. Gas fitting Permit Applications (requires a Class A City of New Orleans Mechanical Gasfitter license to apply)
  3. Elevator/Lift Permit Applications

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