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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

Development Regulations

The Department of Safety and Permits is governed by City regulations, the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance, and the International Construction Codes (2012 ed.), as amended.


Building Code

Construction is regulated in accordance with the 2012 edition of the International Building Code, International Residential Code, International Mechanical Code, and International Fuel Gas Code.  Electrical work is governed by the National Electrical Code (2011).

The following amendments are jurisdiction-specific addenda to the International construction codes enforced by Safety and Permits:

Effective February 1, 2018 the city of New Orleans will adopt the following updated building codes:  IBC 2015, IRC 2015, IMC 2015 and NEC 2014.

​Guidelines for Work in New Orleans

Any person or contractor looking to do work in New Orleans should visit the Permits & Licenses page for all information on permits and supplemental documents needed. Below, you can find information to address the most common issues people face when working with Safety and Permits.

Important Announcement for Mechanical License Holders:

Adoption of new codes by the LSUCCC has necessitated substantive and operational changes. The most significant substantive changes for mechanical and fuel gas permits are as follows:
As of January 1st, 2015
  1. Mandatory application of the 2012 International Residential Code excluding Chapter 11.
  2. Mandatory application of the 2009 International Residential Code only Chapter 11.
  3. Building envelope air tightness and insulation installation shall be demonstrated to comply with one of the following methods as chosen by the contractor, design professionalor homeowner [IRC N1102.4.2 LSUCCC Amendment]:
Option 1: Blower Door Test by certified personnel – If this option is used, then blower door test shall be performed by individuals certified to perform blower door tests by a nationally recognized organization [IRC N1102.4.2.1 LSUCCC Amendment]. City of New Orleans blower door test report forms shall be submitted to and approved by the Mechanical Division of the Safety and Permits prior to final building inspection and certificate of occupancy. Tested air leakage shall be between 5 and 7 ACH at 50 pascal.
Option 2: Visual Inspection by certified personnel – If this option is used, then visual inspections shall be performed by individuals certified to perform such inspections and approved by City of New Orleans Chief Building Official prior to date of inspections. Such inspections shall encompass all items listed in IRC Table N1102.4.2. These inspections may need to be conducted at different stages of construction in order complete all inspections areas prior to being covered. Once walls are closed a visual inspection is no longer possible or accepted.
  1. Duct testing shall be performed by individuals certified to perform duct sealing tests by a nationally recognized organization that trains and provides certification exams for the proper procedures to perform such test. Written test reports from the City of New Orleans shall be submitted to and approved by the Mechanical Division prior to occupancy [IRC N1103.2.2].Duct testing shall not be required if the air handler and all ducts are located within conditioned space.
  2. Every dwelling unit with forced air heating equipment shall be provided with at least one programmable thermostat. [IRC N1103.1.1].
  3. Wood burning fire places shall have outdoor combustion air visible at rough in inspection prior to wall closure. [IRC N1102.4.3].
  4. Manual “J”, “S" and "D" worksheet calculations shall be completed prior to the installation of HVAC system on new construction and substantial renovations. This will be verified by affidavit on One Stop permits.
Required forms necessary for submitting blower door test results, duct leakage results, or visual air envelope results are available in out office located at 1300 Perdido St., Room 7W03, New Orleans, LA 70112 and online below as well as at the One Stop website
Additionally, operational changes will be implemented on May 1, 2015. These changes will include separation of City of New Orleans Mechanical Permit Applications into the following 3 sub-types: 
  1. HVAC Permit Applications (requires a Class A City of New Orleans Mechanical A/C license to apply)
  2. Gasfitting Permit Applications (requires a Class A City of New Orleans Mechanical Gasfitter license to apply)
  3. Elevator/Lift Permit Applications
This downloadable package provides all of the forms referenced above. 
Until May 1, 2015, please continue to file jobs on the existing Mechanical Permit application available here
Questions should be addressed to the Mechanical Division of Safety Permits at the City of New Orleans. Our telephone numbers are 504-658-7153 or 504-658-7196, or via email Thanks you for your cooperation.


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