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Winter Weather, Jan. 12-18

The National Weather Service forecasts freezing temperatures in the New Orleans area beginning Friday, Jan. 12 through Thursday, Jan. 18. A mix of very light wintry precipitation is possible in the evening of Tuesday, Jan. 16, but no accumulation is anticipated. Residents and visitors are advised to take precautions during winter weather.

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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

Zoning Administration

What's my property zoned?

To find out what a particular property is zoned, the City's Property Viewer at external link external link can provide information on zoning district, overlays, and other property-specific information that may impact development, redevelopment, or use of a property.

Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

The City's Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO) is administered through the Department of Safety and Permits. For the complete text of the CZO, please visit external link external link  , maintained by the City Planning Commission.

Interpretations of the Director

The CZO provides authority to the Director of Safety and Permits to issue interpretive opinions on the text and application of the CZO. This section provides interpretive memoranda which outline the language of the CZO and the way in which that language will be applied by the City of New Orleans in the administration of the CZO.

 Interpretations of the CZO
(4,264 MCS, as amended by 26,413 MCS)


Z-15-02 - Interpretation of Building Design Standards found in Article 15, Section 15.3(B)(1)(a),

Z-16-01 - Resubdivision Allowing Expansion of Non-Conforming Spatial Conditions.

Z-16-02 - Classic Sign Designation pursuant to Section 24.15 Classic Signs.

Z-17-01 - Application of Section 22.8.B Relative to Applicability of Underlying District Standards.

Z-17-02 - Parkway (Street) Tree Requirements for Development and Redevelopment of Property.

Z-17-03 - Exemptions and Limitations on Parking Spaces in Districts where Accessory Parking is not required.

Z-17-04 - Definition for the terms "Bedroom" or "Guest Room."

Z-17-05 - Definition for the term "Party of Guests."

Z-17-06 - Classification of Residential Care Facilities for purposes of applying Bulk and Yard Regulations of the underlying zoning district.

Interpretations of the Former CZO
(4,264 MCS, as amended)


Z-13-01 - Interpretation of Section 18.61 of the CZO, as it related to building heights within 30' of a right of way and the minimum height requirements for all structures.

Z-13-02 - Interpretation of Section 14.6.2 with respect to Variances Setback Standards of Section 11.62.

Z-13-03 - Interpretation of Section 7.3.3 of the CZO with Respect to a Cement Batching Plant as a Permitted Use within the LI - Light Industrial Zoning District.

Z-13-04 - Digital Conversion of Existing Legally Non-Conforming General Advertising Signs.

Z-13-05 - Interpretation of the relationship between Section 7.3.3 and Section 11.15 of the CZO with respect to Supplementary Use Standards for Batching Plants for Asphalt or Concrete.

Z-14-01 - Interpretation of the permissibility of development over property lines and public rights-of-way.

Z-14-02 - Determination of Zoning Designations Square 124, Fourth Municipal District, bounded by Magazine, Harmony, Constance, and 9th Streets.

Z-14-03 - Authority of the Board of Zoning Adjustments to Vary the Standards of Section 1.4 of the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance with respect to properties bearing the LRS-1, Lakeview Single-Family Residential Zoning Designation.

Z-15-01 - Interpretation of the Authority of the Board of Zoning Adjustments with Respect to Off-Street Loading Spaces within the Central Business District.


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