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Winter Weather, Jan. 12-18

The National Weather Service forecasts freezing temperatures in the New Orleans area beginning Friday, Jan. 12 through Thursday, Jan. 18. A mix of very light wintry precipitation is possible in the evening of Tuesday, Jan. 16, but no accumulation is anticipated. Residents and visitors are advised to take precautions during winter weather.

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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

Submission Requirements

Based upon the nature of most work applications, it is expected that support materials will be needed to fully explain whatever work is proposed.  Support materials explain through a series of illustrations, drawings, photographs, plans and other documents the scope and purpose of the proposed project. 

The submittal should clarify all aspects of the project in detail, not only to the VCC or its Architectural Committee (AC), but also to members of the public at large who frequently have interest and attend the Commission’s meetings.

Submittals need to address the extent to which the project will affect, or in any way transform the visual and/or physical character of the subject property. Also, a submittal should include any aspects or concerns of health, safety, and public welfare.  After accepting a submittal, the staff will review the documents and may conduct interviews or site visits with the applicant so as to become educated and familiar with the goals of the project.

Projects that entail substantial work may require architectural drawings, and the following should be submitted:

  • Documents prepared in an architectural style of presentation, sized on full-size pages measuring 24” x 36” or half size, 11” x 17”; either are acceptable.
  • Bordered drawings bearing a title block containing the project name, location, name of designer/architect, date and date of revision(s).
  • Application/drawings/documents clearly indicating owner of property, beneficial applicant, and the applicant if different from the owner and beneficial applicant.
  • Dimensioned site plan, survey or block plats to accurately indicate property size.
  • Cause for application especially if related to deficiencies or variances required (i.e. building code, ADA, NFPA regulations, etc.).

Drawings, indicating existing conditions and proposed changes in separate drawings, shall:  

  1. be drawn to scale and with a graphic scale indicated on each;
  2. contain a site & roof plan showing vents, skylights, mechanical equipment, etc.;
  3. contain floor plans of sufficient detail;
  4. show façade and elevation(s) wherever any change is proposed along with adjacent structures to each side;
  5. show thru-building sections to interpret design intent;
  6. show all special details;
  7. show signs; and
  8. all structural drawings shall be stamped by an engineer licensed in the State of  Louisiana.  

Additional support materials should include further documents to augment that required above, such as photographs, catalogue cut-sheets, or material samples.

All aspects of work indicating any electrical or mechanical changes should be noted, including but not limited to internal venting and exhaust systems.  Furthermore, all exterior lighting details, signage specifications, and/or security provisions, such as cameras, should be delineated.

Structural drawings shall indicate all aspects of foundation work including, but not limited to, any removal of existing foundations and installation of new piers, piles, footings, grade beams and slabs. Any disturbance of subsoil conditions for the above installations or removals should be shown on the structural drawings.  Structural drawings shall also indicate any necessary mitigation techniques to insure structural and aesthetic integrity of any adjacent properties.  Furthermore, any interior structural modifications to any building should be submitted for review, in an effort to mitigate damage to surrounding properties.  Furthermore, to insure the safety of the general public, final structural designs must be sealed by the appropriate agent, confirming that the proposed methods have been reviewed by a registered professional.

Effective July 1st 2012, all submittals for any proposal to be reviewed by either the AC of the VCC MUST be submitted digitally, preferably in PDF form.  Additionally, applicants are required to submit three copies of the physical documents.

Proposals submitted without digitized drawings in either jpeg or pdf format will NOT be placed on the agenda.  VCC staff will NOT scan documents for any proposal or applicant.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  The scanned materials will be required in order to process an application. Without them, the application will be returned to the applicant until all required materials are submitted as well.

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