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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

Sales Tax

Some businesses are required to register, obtain a license, and collect and remit taxes to the Bureau of Revenue - Sales Tax. These businesses will be mailed tax returns each month and will be required to remit the taxes to the Bureau of Revenue by the 20th of the month following the month of collection.

Pay Tax Online

There are three (3) easy ways to pay your taxes online. The websites are secure, reliable, and will save you time. Any of these websites will calculate taxes due automatically. 

Select only ONE of the following websites:

Sales Tax Forms

Click on links below to download tax forms relating to sales tax.

Form 8010

Hotel/Motel Sales Tax Return and Hotel Occupancy Priviledge Tax return for hotel/motel establishments

Form 8030

Occupational License renewal form.

Form 8070

Sales/Use/Parking Tax Return for all businesses

Form 8071

Sales/Use/Parking Tax Return for all businesses
(Special sales/use tax - French Quarter EDD)

Claim for Refund Form

Request a refund on taxes illegally, erroneously, or excessively collected.

Waiver of Penalty Form

Request for a waiver of penalty due to delinquency/underpayment of taxes, including sales/use, parking, hotel sales, hotel privilege, occupational license, mayoralty permit, or alcoholic beverage permit.

Hazardous Material Renewal Form

Renewal form for hazardous material emergency preparedness service charge, which applies to any establishment where one or more hazardous materials are used, stored, transported, manufactured, generated, disposed of or sold at any one (1) time during the preceding year within the city.

Tax Review Committee Rules and Regulations

Code of Rules and Regulations for the Tax Review Committee of New Orleans

Recent History of Sales Tax Collection in New Orleans

Over the past three years, the Bureau of Revenue has collected the following sales tax:

2010      $304,769,554.46
2011     $321,259,245.28
2012     $342,035,382.15

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Last updated: 1/22/2016 11:46:41 AM

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