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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

Neighborhood Summit

About the Summit

New Orleans is a city of Neighborhoods. The annual Neighborhood Summit celebrates the strength, history, and diversity of our city's neighborhoods, bringing together community leaders, non-profit agencies, and city government. First held in 2012, the annual summit continues to grow each year. 

At the day-long summit, neighborhood leaders and residents share information across communities, develop new skills to bring home, and build relationships old and new.

2017 New Orleans Neighborhood Summit

Celebrating 300 years of Resilient Neighborhoods: Laying a Strong Foundation for the Future

Neighborhood Leaders ,

        Thank you for joining the Neighborhood Engagement office on Saturday for the largest Neighborhood Summit to date. This year's theme was Celebrating 300 years of Resilient Neighborhoods: Laying a Strong Foundation for the Future.


Over 400 leaders from across the City attended this year’s event and participated in workshops and panel discussions focused on public safety, resilience, equity, housing, coastal restoration, emergency preparation, and faith based collaboration. We appreciate your dedication to making New Orleans a great place to call home, and your commitment to the community and in your respective neighborhoods.

A huge shoutout to our dedicated sponsors and knowledgeable presenters! 

Also, thanks to our sponsor, Restore the Mississippi River Delta! Learn more about restoring our coast, why it’s critical to New Orleans, and how you can help at

Further thoughts on the event? We'd love your input in this brief survey.

If you were unable to attend on Saturday or you wish to access any of the presentations, click here. Please note that we will be in the process of uploading these presentations throughout the week.

For information on the recently announced Tricentennial Neighborhood Grant opportunity, click here.

Thanks again, and have a great holiday season!

                  -The Neighborhood Engagement Team


Past Summits

2016 New Orleans Neighborhood Summit



Celebrating Neighborhoods: Embracing the Power of Collaboration


University Medical Center


Advancing Equity in City Government

Taught by #EquityNewOrleans

It has been well-documented that all residents of New Orleans do not enjoy the same health, resources, and opportunities because of economic, racial and geographic disparities. This inequity threatens the City’s ability to fully recover and grow to its full capacity and promise. Because of these inequities we must ask the critical question with a sense of urgency: How can City government begin to understand and address equity in our city in a data-driven, strategic manner? In this session, participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the EquityNewOrleans initiative, hear from a panel of City leaders about the equitable work the City is currently doing and learn about upcoming opportunities to advance equity for all New Orleanians. After the panel, participants will have the opportunity to workshop and share their own vision of an equitable government.

Building Leadership and Systems to Strengthen Neighborhood Resilience

Taught by Lower 9th Ward Center for Sustainable Engagement & Development

While the city works to grow and diversify its economy across sectors, billions of dollars are committed to investments in environment and infrastructure. Plans like the state's Coastal Comprehensive Master Plan and the city's Urban Water Plan provide thoughtful frameworks for guiding investments. However, there are questions facing New Orleans neighborhoods and communities on how these systems will impact residents. This track will examine how these relationships will benefit local communities, impact civic-engagement infrastructure and work across all sectors--public, private and nonprofit--to capture leanings from these processes and adapt accordingly. Discussions related to Flood Maps, Sea-Rise, Environmental Justice, youth programs and community-engagement opportunities with the New Orleans Port will be explored.

Emerging Neighborhood Trends that Impact Housing

Taught by HousingNOLA

In New Orleans, there is now a sense of urgency around the issues of equity, displacement, and the right of self-determination for neighborhoods. HousingNOLA is a 10-year partnership between the community leaders and dozens of public, private, and nonprofit organizations working to solve New Orleans’ affordable housing crisis. In September 2016, HousingNOLA released its first Annual Report Card, which provided an honest assessment of citywide efforts to address housing issues since the release of the HousingNOLA Preliminary Report in August 2015. As part of the process, HousingNOLA designed Neighborhood Typologies to track neighborhood change and assist with housing policy and funding choices by grouping neighborhoods with similar conditions. Participants will review the neighborhood typologies and discuss the specific policy interventions for each of the five kinds of neighborhoods.

Leading in Challenging Times: Strategies for Engaging Complex Systems

Taught by Neighborhoods Partnership Network

When times are great, everyone’s a hero. When times are tough, great leaders step forward. This workshop is intended for participants in key leadership positions. How does a leader inspire others not to give up; to go to that next meeting; to provide input to that new plan; to convene that next gathering? This workshop will be highly interactive, incorporating the current landscape and situation and seeking individual solutions to individual challenges.

Principles, Practices, and Strategies for Equitable Community Development

Taught by Central City Renaissance Alliance

This course is designed to offer a theoretical basis and practical application of community economic development. Participants will become familiar with basic concepts and terms. We will present an array of strategies and tools that are tried and true and highlight local economic development projects that have proven successful.

2015 New Orleans Neighborhood Summit


Resilient Neighborhoods: Rebuilding Together for a Stronger New Orleans


Dillard University – Professional Sciences Building


  1. Discovering Community Leadership
    In this workshop, we discussed the fundamentals of building a strong neighborhood or community group, strategic planning, and community leadership. Central City Renaissance Alliance and Neighborhoods Partnership Network led this workshop. 
  2. Resilient New Orleans
    In this workshop, we discussed resilience, Resilient NOLA (the Mayor’s resilience initiative), coastal and environmental affairs, and how to prepare your neighborhood for environmental events. Lower 9th Ward Center for Sustainable Engagement and Development and the Office of Coastal and Environmental Affairs led this workshop. 
  3. Housing NOLA
    In this workshop, we discussed the strategic direction of housing initiatives in New Orleans and how your community can be involved. The City Office of Community Development, Providence Community Housing, and the Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance led this workshop. 
  4. Working Strategically with Government
    This workshop explored all of the various tools, resources and initiatives available through the City of New Orleans to help you report neighborhood issues, educate your neighbors, and stay engaged in City government. The Mayor’s Neighborhood Engagement Office led this workshop. 

2014 New Orleans Neighborhood Summit


Strengthening Neighborhoods: Doing Civic Work Together


Dillard University – Professional Sciences Building

Featured Workshops

  1. Building civic work through effective public relationships
  2. Understand change models for neighborhood action
  3. How to mobilize a campaign-ABO case study
  4. Multiple Lines of Defense (Environmental and Coastal Affairs)
  5. Strategies for building youth and adult civic partnerships
  6. Building community, promoting equity in neighborhood revitalization

Featured Panel Discussions

  1. Equity Caucus-Foundation for Louisiana
  2. The Neighborhood Capacity Building Initiative
  3. NOLA FOR LIFE: The Group Violence Reduction Strategy (GVRS)
  4. Environmental Justice: Coastal & Environmental Affairs

2013 New Orleans Neighborhood Summit


Working Strategically With Government


University of New Orleans – Lindy Boggs Conference Center

Featured Workshops

  1. Asset Mapping
  2. Addressing Blight
  3. Diversity/Cultural Competency 
  4. Engaging Government  
  5. Creating Campaigns and Taking Action     
  6. Resident Leadership
  7. Civics for Immigrant Communities      (maybe Language Access)     
  8. Youth Engagement and Leadership      
  9. Promoting Community-School Partnerships     
  10. Understanding Market Value Analysis

Featured Panel Discussion

  1. Blight Remediation and Reduction
  2. NOLA FOR LIFE – Mayor Landrieu’s Comprehensive Murder Reduction Strategy 

2012 New Orleans Neighborhood Summit


Sustainable Neighborhoods: Preparing Leaders, Connecting Communities & Promoting Effective Strategies


University of New Orleans – Lindy Boggs Conference Center

Featured Workshops

  1. Advocating for your Community
  2. Discovering Community Leadership
  3. Basics of Community Organizing
  4. Using Arts and Culture to Revitalize your Community
  5. Mobilizing and Engaging Youth for Community Building
  6. Building Effective Partnerships
  7. Land Use and Zoning
  8. Blight Remediation and Neighborhood Marketing
  9. Using Data to Build Your Case
  10. Promoting Healthy, Green Neighborhoods
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