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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

Emergency Preparedness

Our Mission

The New Orleans Health Department Emergency Preparedness Program prepares for, mitigates, and responds to public health emergencies and planned events in a manner that promotes and facilitates a resilient local public health system and resilient New Orleanians. 

Public Health Concerns

The New Orleans Health Department Emergency Preparedness Program is always monitoring current public health concerns. Below is information on the public health concerns we are currently monitoring.





Special Needs Registry

The Special Needs Registry is a list of people who need extra help during emergencies like hurricanes, evacuations, sheltering-in-place, and chemical spills.  Signing up in the Registry does not guarantee help from the City of New Orleans, but it does let first responders know who needs help.  If you live in New Orleans and need help during an emergency because you have special medical needs or have trouble walking, please sign up for the Special Needs Registry.  Call 311 or fill out the Special Needs Registry application.

Get Ready for Hurricane Season

The New Orleans Health Department and NOLA Ready have information about how to get ready for hurricanes and other emergencies.  We have information for people with medical and mobility needs, families, non-English speakers, healthcare facilities, senior living centers, and agencies working with New Orleanians.  Check out NOLA Ready for more information. 

Want to volunteer during a public health emergency?

Are you interested in volunteering during a public health emergency or promoting public health preparedness? The New Orleans Medical Reserve Corps offers opportunities for both medical and non-medical volunteers to promote public health preparedness through outreach and to serve during emergencies at evacuation sites, shelters and points of dispensing.

What We Do

  1. We strengthen preparedness planning and preparation for all hazards and planned events.

  2. We improve the response capabilities of New Orleans Health Department Staff and New Orleans Medical Reserve Corps Members during emergencies.

  3. We promote public health preparedness amongst at-risk populations and local public health agencies.

Who are at-risk populations?

In 2008, the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response defined ‘at-risk’ individuals as those who need additional assistance in the areas of communication, supervision, transportation, medical care and maintaining independence.  For the New Orleans Health Department Emergency Preparedness Program, we focus on reaching out to senior citizens; pregnant women; families with young children; non-English speakers; and people with medical, mobility, vision, or hearing needs. 


Why do we focus on at-risk populations?

Other emergency preparedness agencies in New Orleans already reach out to most non-at-risk populations.  The New Orleans Health Department wants to supplement current outreach to make sure all New Orleanians are aware of their responsibilities and options in preparing for and responding to emergencies.




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