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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

New Orleans Police Community Advisory Board (PCAB)

The New Orleans Police Department Police Community Advisory Boards (PCABs) were launched in 2011 as a form of community policing to provide community members with an opportunity to provide recommendations and feedback to their respective Police Department Districts on safety and quality of life issues in an effort to reduce crime.

Police Community Advisory Board (PCAB) is the framework for a public participation plan with the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) to engage in a collaborative problem-solving process that supports both the community and the police desire to enhance public safety. The goal of the advisory boards is to better foster communication between residents and NOPD by achieving open flow of information and ideas to be shared between the community and the NOPD. The mission of the PCAB is to develop and maintain a direct partnership between the citizens and the NOPD.

The members of the PCAB will be comprised of citizens from their respective council districts and the eight (8) police districts. Each police district will have a PCAB that will consist of seven (7) volunteer community members who will serve a 24-month term vetted through an application process. Membership is open to all residents in the City of New Orleans. The seven-member advisory board will meet quarterly to discuss crime and quality of life issues.

The Role of the PCAB members as a group will be as follows:

  • Maintain a consistent partnership between the community and law enforcement
  • Serve to help reduce crime and enhance the quality of life for all citizens
  • Establish goals that can be accomplished through positive and open communications
  • Help community groups share responsibility for police accountability and the commitment to serve
  • Establish a process to enhance community dialogue at meetings and other events to enhance the public trust
  • Create processes to help address issues of bias based policing
  • Improve interaction between police and citizens through education and training
  • Establish a community process to gain input that include all diverse community groups
  • Assist law enforcement in helping to maintain police standards for accountability
  • Strengthen and ensure the application of equal protection under the law for all persons

PCABs do not have any decision making authority over NOPD finances, policies, or practices.

Applications may be submitted online below or click here to download a copy of the PCAB application. You can submit applications to the Mayor's Neighborhood Engagement Office or any police district office.

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