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Winter Weather, Boil Water Advisory, Low Water Pressure

Residents and visitors are advised to take precautions during winter weather. A boil water advisory is in effect for the entire East Bank of New Orleans due to a further drop in water pressure Thursday morning, Jan. 18.

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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

Canal Blvd. Restriping Proposal


The City of New Orleans, Department of Public Works (DPW) is seeking additional input from New Orleans residents on proposed changes to the roadway configuration of Canal Blvd. between Harrison Ave. and Robert E. Lee Blvd. in Lakeview.

Existing Roadway Configuration

Canal Blvd. between Harrison Ave. and Robert E. Lee Blvd. is a divided street with two 28-foot wide roadways consisting of two travel lanes and a parking lane in each direction.  Each side of the roadway includes a 6-inch mountable curb and 4-foot wide sidewalks. The left travel lane is 10.5’ wide and the right travel lane and parking lane encompass the remaining 17.5’ of the roadway.  The travel lane on this section of roadway is generally 11 feet wide and, although unmarked, the parking lane is 6 feet wide. The image below shows the current roadway configuration.  

DPW has received feedback from residents on Canal Blvd. who are reluctant to park their vehicles in the 6 feet wide parking lane due to the narrow width of the parking lane (parking lanes are typically 7 to 9 feet wide) and to speeding on the street. In response, many of the residents park their vehicles on the sidewalk area beyond the curb, which is not permitted by the City code. Additionally, some residents have paved portions of the sidewalk area to facilitate the parking of their vehicles in this area. Paving the public right of way is also prohibited by City Code.

Proposed Roadway Configuration

In response to requests from residents along Canal Blvd. between Harrison Ave. and Robert E. Lee Blvd., DPW was asked for assistance to address the parking conditions and reduce speeding in this area.

DPW performed a study including on-site observations and recommends that:

  1. Canal Blvd. be reconfigured with one 13-foot wide travel lane, a 6-foot wide dedicated bicycle lane, and a 9-foot wide parking lane in each direction. 
  2. Two travel lanes with a shared bicycle lane be maintained lake bound and river bound at the intersection of Canal Blvd. at Harrison Ave. and lake bound at the intersection of Canal Blvd. at Robert E. Lee Blvd.
  3. A fixed traffic safety camera be installed on Canal Blvd. to enforce the established speed limit and augment NOPD Traffic enforcement of speed limits.  Further analysis of traffic speeds and road conditions will help to determine a location. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will replacement of one vehicular travel lane with a bicycle lane affect traffic congestion on Canal Blvd.?

A traffic analysis completed by the DPW showed that Canal Blvd. between Harrison Ave. and Robert E. Lee Blvd. is currently meeting criteria for a level-of-service “A.” The proposed lane reduction would not change the acceptable level of service.  

Is it safe to add a bicycle lane to a roadway where cars are known to speed?
What measures will be taken to reduce speeding on Canal Blvd.?
Canal Blvd. is congested at the intersections of Harrison Ave. and Robert E. Lee Blvd. during morning and afternoon rush hours. Would elimination of the second travel lane increase the wait time for commuters?
How much will restriping cost and when would this proposed plan be implemented?
Why is paving the public right-of-way for parking a vehicle in front of my property prohibited?
If installing parking pads on the public right-of-way is prohibited by City ordinance, why can’t violators simply be ticketed for violating the code?
Residents in other parts of the City are also paving over the public right-of-way to install circular driveways and parking pads. What is the City doing to eliminate this issue?
Can the City simply remove illegal parking pads along Canal Blvd.?
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Last updated: 5/3/2016 1:32:29 PM

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