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Winter Weather, Jan. 12-18

The National Weather Service forecasts freezing temperatures in the New Orleans area beginning Friday, Jan. 12 through Thursday, Jan. 18. A mix of very light wintry precipitation is possible in the evening of Tuesday, Jan. 16, but no accumulation is anticipated. Residents and visitors are advised to take precautions during winter weather.

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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

Data and Publications

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Annual Reports 

2015 Annual Report
2014 Annual Report

Resource Guides 

Behavioral Health Resource Guide 
Winter 2014
Fall 2012

Health Data

Community Health Data Profiles 
Health Disaparities in New Orleans, 2013
Healthy Lifestyles in New Orleans, 2013

Infectious Disease Epidemiology: The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals' Infectious Disease Epidemiology Program external link tracks infectious disease statewide and publishes regular morbidity reports.

Birth and Death Statistics: The State Center for Health Statistics external link collects and publishes birth and death statistics.

Latino Health 

Reports in English 
Full 2014 Report 
2014 Report Summary

Reports in Spanish 
Full 2014 Report (Spanish)
2014 Report Summary (Spanish)

Family Health 


Behavioral Health 


Violence Prevention

NOLA for Life Playbook

NOLA for Life: Progress Report

Healthy Lifestyles


Strategic Plans 

New Orleans Community Health Improvement Plan- First Revision

May 2015

Download the Community Health Improvement Plan here.

The New Orleans Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) describes the community’s shared vision for health in the city and details collaborative action plans across the following five health priority areas: Access to Physical and Behavioral Health, Social Determinants of Health, Violence Prevention, Healthy Lifestyles, and Family Health.  The Health Department published the first version of the CHIP in January 2013. This document is the second, revised version and will be continually updated as action plans progress.

Latino Health Report 2014

January 2015

Download the full Latino Health Report 2014 in English

Download the full Latino Health Report 2014 in Spanish

Download the Latino Health Report summary in English

Download the Latino Health Report summary in Spanish

These reports outline the results from the Latino Healthy Survey conducted in conjunction with Puentes and Committee for a Better New Orleans.

Annual Report 2014

April 2015

Download the report

Health Impact Assessment Report: Central City

April 2015

Download the report

This report outlines the results of a health impact assessment conducted by a diverse group of community stakeholders to help identify the types of programming and incentives that would be most likely to positively impact the health of Central City residents.





Behavioral Health Council 2013 Annual Report

January 2014

Download the Report

This report traces the accomplishments of the Behavioral Health Council over the last year as well as highlights the promising goals and priorities that the Council has set forth for 2014.






Child and Family Health Report

Winter 2013

Download the Report

Child and Family Health in New Orleans: A Life Course Perspective of Child and Family Health at a Neighborhood Level measures and compares 12 risk factors and six protective factors in each New Orleans neighborhood to indicate the expected wellbeing of a family and/or a young child in the neighborhood. These 18 indicators span across the health, economic, education, social and community domains. Child and Family Health in New Orleans incorporates risk factors defined by LSU/Tulane Early Childhood Policy and Data Center, Life Course Indicators identified by the Association for Maternal and Child Health Programs, indicators used by the Kids Count Data Center, along with additional City of New Orleans Children and Families Coalition-designated risk and protective factors available on a census tract level so that the data can be translated into neighborhood-level data.  The report also includes a neighborhood snapshot of each of New Orleans’ 72 neighborhood areas.


New Orleans Community Health Improvement Report

January 2013

Download the Report

The New Orleans Community Health Improvement Report contains two reports, the Community Health Profile and the Community Health Improvement Plan. The report is the result of a formal community health assessment and planning effort that involved over 100 community partners.

  • The Community Health Profile is the result of the first city-wide community health assessment since 2000. It provides a comprehensive picture of the specific health needs and opportunities in New Orleans.
  • The Community Health Improvement Report is a set of action plans with measurable targets intended to address five priority areas identified by the community: Access to Physical and Behavioral Health, Social Determinants of Health, Violence Prevention, Healthy Lifestyles and Family Health.


Greater New Orleans Primary Care Safety Net Access Plan

Fall 2012

Download the Plan

The Primary Care Safety Net Access Plan is a comprehensive overview and set of policy recommendations for healthcare access in the New Orleans area for use in planning and policy-making, in order to achieve and maintain equitable access to care. For more information on the creation of this plan, see the Health Care Access Policy Work page.



Behavioral Health Strategic Plan

Summer 2012

Download the Plan

The Behavioral Health Strategic Plan outlines the recommendations of community stakeholders and service providers on how to strengthen the behavioral health system. For more information on the development of this plan, see the Behavioral Health Strategic Plan page.




Fit NOLA Partnership: Shared Action Blueprint

Summer 2012

Download the Plan

The Fit NOLA Shared Action Blueprint outlines the city's plan to become a top ten fittest city in the United States by 2018, the 300th anniversary of the city's founding. Learn more about Fit NOLA on the Healthy Lifestyles page.


The NOLA for Life Playbook: Promoting Life for All Youth

Summer 2014

Download the Plan 

Supported by the National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention, the NOLA For Life Playbook: Promoting Life for All Youth is a strategic plan for action to prevent youth violence.



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