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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

NOPD Reports and Records Requests

The Records and Identification/Support Services Division of the New Orleans Police Department assists citizens seeking copies of Police Reports, Background Checks, and Letters of Good Conduct

Due to equipment damage, NOPD no longer provides fingerprinting service to the public.

Crime Data and Historic Records

Click here for crime data and records, including Uniform Crime Reports (UCR), 911 Calls for Service, City of New Orleans' Crime Map, Historical Crime Records and Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Request a Current Record 

Accident & Criminal Event reports should be available twenty (20) working days from the date of the incident.

Fees for Reports

  • Police Accident Report - $20.00 / report
  • Police Incident Report - (up to 10 pages) $25.00 / report;  pages in addition to 10 pages $1.00 / page
  • Basic Name Check (Background Check) - $5.00 / name
  • Letter of Good Conduct - $25.00 / letter. A Letter of Good Conduct will only be issued to requestor. If the requestor is not present, the representative must have a notarized authorizing letter to allow issue to a third party. No Exceptions.

Payment Rules

  • Payment forms accepted: Cash and/or Personal Check (make checks payable to the City of New Orleans)
  • Mail Requests: New Orleans Police Department / 715 S. Broad St / New Orleans LA 70119 / Attn: Record Room
  • All mail requests must include payment, police Item number or date, time and location of incident and a short description of incident (auto accident, burglary, theft, etc.)

Public Records Request

Citizens wishing to file a public record request may do so in person at the Records and Identification Division, located at 715 South Broad Street on the first floor. The office is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 8:30am-3:30pm. If the request is vague or incomplete, an NOPD representative may contact in an effort to acquire additional information or clarification. Preferably, you may also send an e-mail with your public record request to  


Upon receipt of a request, the Custodian of Record ascertains whether the records are in NOPD possession. If the Custodian cannot locate the record(s) immediately, it may contact other divisions, units, or personnel within NOPD, or outside agencies such as Harbor Police, Levee Board Police, or State Police. NOPD only fills requests for incidents that occurred in Orleans Parish. Requestors will be notified if some or all of the requested documents are not in our possession.

Records Subject to Redaction or Not Releasable

Article 1, Section 5 of the Louisiana Constitution establishes an individual right of privacy in Louisiana. Information in public record should not be disclosed if it contains facts which would expose an individual to public disgrace or would intrude upon the individual’s seclusion.

The following information will NOT be disclosed pursuant to a public records request.

  1. Employee medical records
  2. Social Security Numbers of anyone
  3. Name, address or identity of victims of sex offenses or minor victims of any crime
  4. Rap Sheets
  5. Identify of undercover officer, confidential informer
  6. Information which would reveal undercover or intelligence operations
  7. Juvenile Court records
  8. Work Product
  9. Grievance records of public employees
  10. Job performance of public employees
  11. Records of misdemeanors that have been “expunged”
  12. Records of Law Enforcement agencies pertaining to pending criminal investigations and prosecution.

Fee Schedule

Fees are mandated by the City of New Orleans Municipal Code. Sec. 90-123. Subject to the restrictions contained in section 90-124, the NOPD shall charge and collect fees for copies of reports and research of records in accordance with the following schedule:

  • Criminal History Record Inquiry:
    • Search for record, none found .....$ 5.00
    • Record located, information provided .....5.00
    • Search of records and issuance of letter of good conduct for visa and other purposes .....25.00
  • Photostat of official police offense report:
    • One through ten pages in length ..... 25.00
    • More than ten pages in length, each additional page .....1.00
  • Photostat of official police accident report .....5.00
  • Official police investigation photographs, per print .....10.00
  • Fingerprint search or fingerprinting .....25.00
  • Computer printout request:
    • Minor adjustments to existing program (two man-hours or less required):
      • Small file (under 1,000,000 records) .....150.00
      • Large file (over 1,000,000 records) .....200.00
    • Major adjustments to existing program (more than two man-hours required):
      • Small file (under 1,000,000 records) .....250.00
      • Large file (over 1,000,000 records) .....300.00
    • New program:
      • Small file (under 1,000,000 records) .....250.00
      • Large file (over 1,000,000 records) .....300.00
    • Multiple programming for separate runs against different files will be the accumulation of the above schedule.
  • Use of available records for informational research study .....100.00
  • Accident report processing fee .....15.00

The fees established in this section shall be charged and collected in the amounts specified for each item in the schedule set forth hereinabove provided that if applicable and valid state law imposes a higher or lower maximum fee for any one of the items in the foregoing schedule, the fee charged and collected for that item shall be the higher or lower maximum fee.

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